A Love Most Ardent: A Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet Story

The loving glances Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy exchange while at Pemberley, gives him the courage to ask her to marry him again.
With his expectations of receiving a positive reply high, Mr Darcy sets off for the inn at Lambton, where Elizabeth is staying with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner. Unfortunately, he arrives to find Elizabeth alone and in tears, having just learned of Lydia’s elopement with George Wickham.
Powerless to make Elizabeth an offer while disgrace hangs over the…

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A Love Most Ardent

Pub Date : 2018-06-17 | Author : Martine Roberts | Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10 : 1721551905
ISBN 13 : 9781721551903

Fitzwilliam Darcy, encouraged by the loving glances he and Elizabeth Bennet shared while at Pemberley, decides to ask her to marry him again. With his expectations of receiving a p..

Mr Darcy S Struggle

Pub Date : 2014-04-22 | Author : Martine J. Roberts | Publisher : CreateSpace

ISBN 10 : 1497585775
ISBN 13 : 9781497585775

New Revised Edition. What if, after initially refusing Mr Darcy's offer of marriage at the parsonage, Elizabeth finds herself in the position where she is forced to accept his prop..

Assumed Engagement

Pub Date : 2014-07-22 | Author : Kara Louise | Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN 10 : 9780557391271
ISBN 13 : 055739127X

This story continues after Chapter 36 in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice." On his return trip to Pemberley from Rosings after his offer of marriage was refused by Miss Elizabeth..

A Man With Faults

Pub Date : 2017-04-10 | Author : Lory Lilian | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 1681310163
ISBN 13 : 9781681310169

This "Pride and Prejudice" alternative investigates Mr. Darcy's attitude after his first proposal to Elizabeth Bennet and her subsequent refusal to accept him or even read his lett..

Darcy S Story

Pub Date : 2009-10-13 | Author : Janet Aylmer | Publisher : Harper Collins

ISBN 10 : 9780061841798
ISBN 13 : 006184179X

When Elizabeth Bennet first met Mr. Darcy, she found him proud, distant, and rude—despite the other ladies' admiration of his estate in Derbyshire and ten thousand pounds a year...

Crown Duel

Pub Date : 1997 | Author : Sherwood Smith | Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN 10 : 0152016082
ISBN 13 : 9780152016081

To fulfill their father's dying wish, teenage Countess Meliara and her brother Branaric organize a revolution against a greedy king...

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