A Marriage of Necessity: Rules of Refinement Book Four (The Marriage Maker …

He offered one night. She needs a lifetime…

When Viscountess Kinsley’s father lost all but their home and then drank himself to death, creditors stood ready to seize what remained. Anne’s only hope of saving her family is to find a husband through Lady Peddington’s School for Young Ladies. Only, upon graduation, Anne finds herself the victim of jealous gossip that claims she seeks multiple lovers. Now, no respectable man will have her.

Kennedy Douglas, Viscount Buchanan, has refused to…

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Developments In Applied Artificial Intelligence

Pub Date : 2003-08-02 | Author : Tim Hendtlass | Publisher : Springer

ISBN 10 : 9783540480358
ISBN 13 : 3540480358

Arti?cial Intelligence is a ?eld with a long history, which is still very much active and developing today. Developments of new and improved techniques, together with the ever-incr..

Key Debates In Anthropology

Pub Date : 2003-12-16 | Author : Tim Ingold | Publisher : Routledge

ISBN 10 : 9781134748839
ISBN 13 : 1134748833

Every year, leading social anthropologists meet to debate a motion at the heart of current theoretical developments in their subject and this book includes the first six of these d..

Court Referral To Adr

Pub Date : 2003-01-01 | Author : Kathy Mack | Publisher : Spotlight Poets

ISBN 10 : 1875527451
ISBN 13 : 9781875527458

"There is a growing diversity in the structure of court programs, in the types of disputes dealt with and in nature of processes that are used to resolve them... The paper points t..

Interactive Digital Narrative

Pub Date : 2015-04-10 | Author : Hartmut Koenitz | Publisher : Routledge

ISBN 10 : 9781317668671
ISBN 13 : 1317668677

The book is concerned with narrative in digital media that changes according to user input—Interactive Digital Narrative (IDN). It provides a broad overview of current issues and..

Chronicling Poverty

Pub Date : 1997 | Author : Tim Hitchcock | Publisher : Manchester University Press

ISBN 10 : 0312172931
ISBN 13 : 9780312172930

Over the last twenty years more and more historians of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries have turned their eyes away from the records of central administration, towards..

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