At Last the Rogue Returns (Avenging Lords Book 1)

A lady discovers that the monster of her nightmares just might be the hero of her dreams.

The lady labels him a devil.

Miss Lydia Lovell is on a quest for justice. For years, Lord Greystone’s tenants have suffered at his hands. While he abandoned his estate to rusticate abroad, poverty and illness crippled those who depend upon him. Now Greystone has come home, and Lydia is determined to make him pay.

Greystone returns for revenge.

Having spent five years abroad making his fortune, Miles Oakley…

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Return Of The Mage Lords Amica Saga 6

Pub Date : 2016-01-11 | Author : Richard S. Tuttle | Publisher : KBS Publishing

ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :

Over four hundred years ago, Terrus the Liberator ended the Mage Wars by banishing the mage lords to the island of Lantana. The world was at peace, but that era of peace has ended...

Lord Rogue

Pub Date : 2017-12-07 | Author : Patricia Rice | Publisher : Book View Cafe

ISBN 10 : 9781611386325
ISBN 13 : 1611386322

Another heart-warming, page-turning Patricia Rice western! Philadelphia heiress Alicia Stanford has a thousand reasons never to trust a man again. Only, when she flees to hide her ..

Lost City Of The Ancients Amica Saga 5

Pub Date : 2015-08-01 | Author : Richard S. Tuttle | Publisher : KBS Publishing

ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :

A terrible war is coming to Amica. Rogue mage lords control the north where armies are massing for a spring offensive; new breeds of mage beasts are ready to destroy everything in ..

The Wizard Lord

Pub Date : 2007-04-01 | Author : Lawrence Watt-Evans | Publisher : Tor Books

ISBN 10 : 142991517X
ISBN 13 : 9781429915175

The Wizard Lord's duty is to keep the world in its delicate balance. He must govern lightly to protect his domain from power-hungry interlopers, such as certain wizards who previou..

A Good Rogue Is Hard To Find

Pub Date : 2015-04-28 | Author : Kelly Bowen | Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN 10 : 9781455583843
ISBN 13 : 1455583847

HE THOUGHT HE'D SEEN IT ALL . . . The rogue's life has been good to William Somerhall: He has his fortune, his racehorses, and his freedom. Then he moves in with his mother. It see..

Young Lord Of Khadora Forgotten Legacy 1

Pub Date : 2001-07-07 | Author : Richard S. Tuttle | Publisher : KBS Publishing

ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :

Ages ago the continent was invaded by massive armies intent on creating a new home for themselves. The peaceful indigenous peoples fled before the marauding hordes and hid defiantl..

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