The Golden Apples of the Sun: A Variation on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejud…

The Golden Apples of the Sun – A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Elizabeth ground her teeth. “Mr. Darcy, who are you to dictate? My sister is twenty-one years old: therefore an adult. I will guarantee nothing on her behalf! Of course, you may treat Mr. Bingley as a child if you choose. It would be quite in keeping with the rest of your arrogant behavior. And now, I bid you a very good day, sir.”
Angry tears…

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Hijacking The Runway

Pub Date : 2014-10-09 | Author : Teri Agins | Publisher : Penguin

ISBN 10 : 9780698162150
ISBN 13 : 0698162153

A fascinating chronicle of how celebrity has inundated the world of fashion, realigning the forces that drive both the styles we covet and the bottom lines of the biggest names in ..

A Thousand Boy Kisses

Pub Date : 2016-03-18 | Author : Tillie Cole | Publisher : Tillie Cole

ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :

One kiss lasts a moment. But a thousand kisses can last a lifetime. One boy. One girl. A bond that is forged in an instant and cherished for a decade. A bond that neither time nor ..

Citizen Kill

Pub Date : 2017-05-26 | Author : Stephen Clark | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 1937178854
ISBN 13 : 9781937178857

When a devastating explosion kills the new President's young son, her administration seeks to finally end the war on terror. CIA black-ops agent Justin Raines is among the recruits..

Late Have I Loved Thee

Pub Date : 2006 | Author : Saint Augustine (Bishop of Hippo.) | Publisher : Vintage

ISBN 10 : 9780375725692
ISBN 13 : 0375725695

A compilation of writings by the fourth-century Bishop of Hippo offers Augustine's eloquent reflections, sermons, letters, and other essays dealing with the subject of love and our..

Breakfast At Tiffany S And Other Voices Other Rooms

Pub Date : 2013-02-05 | Author : Truman Capote | Publisher : Random House Digital, Inc.

ISBN 10 : 9780812994360
ISBN 13 : 0812994361

The hillbilly-turned-Manhattanite at the center of Breakfast at Tiffany's shares not only the author's philosophy of freedom but also his fears and anxieties. Other Voices, Other R..

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